Russell Pond - original paintings and prints

Born in Windsor, Berkshire in 1966, and relocating to Cornwall as a young boy when his family moved here in the early seventies, something he’s never regretted. On leaving school at 16 he started work at the nearby Naval Dockyard serving his time as an apprentice Painter/Signwriter. Painting began as a hobby and has developed from there in to something that brings Russell great pleasure and satisfaction on a personal level.He is completely self taught, developing his skills through much practice, patience and dogged perseverance.

Now living in Torpoint with his wife Natalie and daughter Eleanor, who as a young child was frequently coerced in to going to the beach in all weathers to go shell seeking or rock pooling to provide material to work from, as much as to keep her amused.

His style of painting has gone from strength to strength with each passing year, and he’s now gaining a reputation for his ability in capturing the unspoilt beauty of the coast and countryside around the Rame Peninsula, in this often overlooked corner of Cornwall.

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